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site was built with MenuMachine 2.0.4 beta 2 and GoLive CS2,
most last changes on 05th May 2006/small update Aug 2007

Building drop-down menues with Adobe's GoLive made easy!

MenuMachine - an extension developed and published by Rob Keniger, BigBang Solutions, allows to build hier menues (also known as drop-down menues, pop-up menues, cool menues) without fiddling with show and hide layers or trying to adopt an anonymous dhtml-, js- oder css-script found somewhere on the web.

it provides a neat interface in the GoLive inspector in which the user just types text or places the images for menuitems. one can easily switch between horizontal and vertical orientation, or change the appearance in one go for checkmarked items.

this small site with basic and experimental samples was set up to show what can be achieved with MenuMachine.

sth that makes MenuMachine special compared to other hier menu constructions: the menues work cross browser also in rare and older ones - aside all today's major other browser(versions) and Rob's know-how, help, engagement and the forum are fantastic. alone the manual shows how well-written such can be (though the application MenuMachine is so intuitive, you'll probably rarely need to consult it ;-)

as you can see, I am a big fan of it, I don't get any money for promoting it, I just love it's features, and wanted to see what else this MenuMachine can be used for than text-only menues.

I have been testing MenuMachine thoroughly since the first version and it has developed into an even better, almost stand alone menu creator!

learn and enjoy it's functions and finally present your clients hier menues working smoothly in all browsers! and be relaxed when the client constantly changes his menu: editing with MenuMachine 2 is a snap.

if you build only one menu with it, the price for this extension has already been compensated a few times.

choose an item from the traditional css built menu on the left and get the MenuMachine samples presented in this area.

I give some information at each sample providing one knows already GoLive and certain terms.

I uploaded all samples without stripping the GL specific code bits, so you can simply copy/paste the code into your GL and analyze the pages.

(users who send these pages through css- and other validating sites will get errors due to that fact. of course, if you put client sites finally online, you set GoLive's preferences to automatically strip all that extra code - which is only there for easing handling and sitemanagement in GoLive during building and editing a site)


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