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Panorama Roundview in nearby forest/wood in the South of Munich/Germany after the first few centimetres of snow on 21st Dec 2004.

When you click the hot spot on the right leading path near that tree that stands against the sun you'll jump onto a small hill (30 metres in height) with a roundview slightly above the trees. To get down to the path again klick the hot spot at the path leading down the little hill.


I'll contribute this panoramic view (without hot spots) to the The World Wide Panorama Project: Solstice 2004 ”Sanctuary“ where also this text of mine appears:

This pano was taken in a nearby wood/forest I often take a walk or a bicycle ride through. Woods have always given me shelter, especially in winter when only few people are outside and the snow is providing a smooth surface and swallows all noises and sounds. The cold and clear air is clearing my mind and thoughts while I walk on silent paths.

As a little girl me and my friends played in a tiny group of trees and played hide and seek in the afternoons after school and hid away from the parents eyes. When I was teenager I did running training in the woods, later it was refuge when my parents had arguments with eachother.

Now that I'm older I enjoy or actually long for to see and smell and feel the changes of the seasons expressed in different scents, colours and amount of leaves, different humidity and temperatures.

Trees mean a lot to me. In the last years I bought several books and calenders of old or special trees. I also take many zoomed and detailed pics of trees and have several collected roots in my living-room.

I'd never understood why people feared to walk alone in the woods at night. I always feel safe. Neither fairytales or weird characters of horror stories could have an impact on my desire to walk there.

Even if I am in stress and distracted by thoughts sooner or later being in the forest relaxes me and let my fantasy flow in many directions.


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